On Learning About Meals and Walking For Miles

Stop. I know what you’re thinking. “Zach, this is your second post of the day. How can such a fabulous and majestic writer as yourself write so much in one day? Do you even get out?” And I would reply gentle reader, “Prominte. Uh, Kde jsou toalety?” (I’m sorry. Uh, where is the toilet…because they’re not free). But in all seriousness I am just catching up on all that has happened in, what is hard to believe, three days.

Yesterday our guide and really only friend over here, Denisea, took us around the city and more specifically our school. I am beyond blessed to have such a gorgeous commute ever single day. The school is located in Old Town which is what you would expect a typical European town to look like; the narrow cobblestone roads, the towering buildings, the Gothic/Medieval designs, street vendors selling items you dare not ask “what’s in it?”. In fact, our school is right down the street from the Charles Bridge, a weeks worth of history and touring itself. It took us most of the day to travel around this area and become familiar with our school’s surroundings. I’ll be posting pictures soon so you can see what I mean.

Today was another beautiful day in Praha – The Threshold of Home (as I now like to call it. We were informed that is what Praha essentially means). Today Denisea took us to this amazing forested area that contained a rose garden, astronomy tower, and a stunning view over Praha.

I must note that shortly before this miles upon miles of a walk, we sat down for what was probably around an hour and a half lunch. I got to talking with Denisea and another girl in our group about meals and Denisea made it known that meals are a time for interaction and relaxation. She said that in America it is far too fast and she dislikes how the service rushes you out of your seat once you are finished. Here though, the waiters are slower and would probably receive a very small tip back home, if they were to receive one at all. They understand the value of having a meal together so they give you your space and check in on you only when they see you have finished. Even then it may take them a while to notice you are done or even return with your bill. It is great to know that having a meal here is more an event than a quick thing to check off before moving on.

To let you know there will be pictures up soon because I cannot find the words to describe to you how amazing the city looks and from the adventures in the forest. It was a tiring day and ended with us grabbing some pizza near our place and relaxing our weary feet. Tomorrow starts the first day of class at 9 in the morning so I will try to get back to you, gentle reader, as soon as I can. I love you all!



One comment on “On Learning About Meals and Walking For Miles

  1. kate says:

    where r the pictures???? Just Kidding. i love european meals and the time it takes to enjoy ur company.

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