Whispering Astronauts

My gentle bloggers,

I know it’s been a while since I have written anything and I apologize for that. I may sound like a broken record here but I feel the need to say it (again): You were warned. I have been quite busy, believe it or not, and so that is one of the reasons why I haven’t had time to sit down and write in the blog. Another reason is because I have been contemplating switching to Tumblr which makes for an easier interface and I can do more with the blog (like actually adding pictures and videos). WordPress is fantastic don’t get me wrong, but at the same time if you change one thing the entire system freezes up and looks at you as if to say, “Wait, you want me to do what?” I’ll keep you posted (literally) on if such a change will happen or not.

Updates: Classes have been going well. I have two film classes which have been very interesting. One is a detective film class where we have studied some of the great detective movies and stories through their earliest ages (Vidoq, Poe’s Murder in the Rue Morgue, and of course the titan himself, Sherlock Holmes). The second film class is an almost film noir one with a hint of mystery in there. To be honest, the two classes run together for me and at times I have trouble differentiating between the two. I would have to say that my New Tools for Digital Media class is my absolute favorite with Creative Writing coming in at a close second. Here we learn how to blog (how ironic) and use Twitter and other social media outlets. My teacher is a young man who works for a business that attempts to get small business’ into the social media world. He basically told us that he doesn’t want to teach from a textbook but would rather show/tell us how to get a job and use social media and writing in that job. Very tactful class in my opinion. As for Creative Writing, that may go without say. You all know I love to write and here is a class that challenges me to use a greater imagination than I thought I had. The teacher makes you break out of your comfort zone of writing (as in not using the same metaphors, similes etc. that you’ve been safe with in the past) and push to the verge if insanity of what you write. For example, my assignment this week is to take the symbol Lights and make that the meaning and essence of Unity. Oh, and you only get six sentences to prove your point. It’s these challenges that are pushing me to be a more well-rounded and fresh writer (I hope).

As for the daily grind in Prague, this weekend was a recovery weekend. No, I don’t mean from drinking or partying, but from the sicknesses that have swept through our apartments like a vicious wave. There were a few nights that we left the confines of our rooms, one to go to a school sponsored boat party. I know what you may be thinking, “Zach, are you even going to school? And what kind of school is this that invites it students to a party on a boat?” To that I would answer, “Well…the school made me go!” Other than that we have visited a few parks and a wine festival as well. Me being sick though, I could not fully enjoy the wine festival and decided this as a universal truth for a my own life: Don’t go to wine tastings when you can’t even smell. Prague has been good to us though weather wise in that it has been a sweltering 65-70 degrees every day (that’s like 23-24 degrees Celsius, I believe). This has helped us visit gardens and parks around the city that have provided us with stunning views. You can see some of the parks on my facebook page.

This weekend I leave for Berlin which I am excited for. My grandparents have been here as well as my mom and so it will be almost like a rudimentary pilgrimage to walk where they have walked. There will be pictures up and another blog post coming next week. So please save yourself the pains of waiting for my posts every waking hour and just be patient; they will come.

One final note, you may be wondering why I have titled this post “Whispering Astronauts”. Two reasons for that. One, I think it’s a catchy title because it could mean a lot, or it could mean very well nothing. Maybe it’s my creative writing rubbing off or maybe I’m just insane. Secondly, it’s also the title of my new blog that I have started on Tumblr. I wanted to give this blogging site a try but still have no real idea on what I want this second blog to be on. Sure it’s a challenge maintaining one blog but I wanted to try something different on another site. Nothing is on it right now but I’ll fill you all in when something comes to mind. If you have any ideas or suggestions I’m open to them and you can let me know. Thank you again for being so faithful. I love you all.




One comment on “Whispering Astronauts

  1. MommaButler says:

    Correction–your grandparents and I trekked through many cities together in Germany, but alas Berlin was not one of them. The old city was still behind The Wall when I was in Germany. They ventured to Berlin with Aunt Nancy and her family. Safe travels Gentle Blogger.

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