Swinging for the Fences

Hello Bloggers,

As is customary, I will take the time to open up this post with the standard “I’m doing great”, “Europe is amazing”, “I’m still eating fried cheese”, updates. It’s starting to cool down over here and is beginning to feel more like fall. Since this is my favorite time of the year (yes, yes, my birthday is in this month but that’s not the full reason why) I have decided to provide you with a link to some stunning/disturbing pumpkin carvings. Enjoy!

So, since it ’tis the season for Halloween, what better way to celebrate than to play softball over here in Prague. That’s right bloggers, we dusted off our cleats, broke out the ‘ol bats, and oiled up the gloves for a weekend tournament here sponsored by the Prague Post. I don’t think it was because of Halloween that they were sponsoring this tournament (it had something to do with education actually) but, nonetheless, the competition was in fully swing. I had to give my team credit, this was the first time that most of them had even touched a bat and glove in their lives, they played very well.

How the tournament was set up was each team was guaranteed five games. The top two teams after those five games would get to play in the championship game for all the marbles. As for our team, we assured our coach that we were going for gold. A little background on our coach: he has not won a game in over three years; last year his team never even showed up; he wears jeans with green shorts over them. These are just the basics you’ll need to know.

As for the team, I was very impressed. It took us a couple of games to figure out how to hit a softball that was moving slower than the first 40 min of Drive (see the movie, you’ll understand). But, once we understood the technique it was “swing for the fences kid!”. Sure we lost out first game to a bunch of middle-aged men and women who run a bookstore but I chalk that one up to first game jitters. Okay, yeah, and we lost to the Prague Post but I feel their victory was helped along by their shortstop who is in the Phillies’ farm system. After these first two hiccups, we were smooth sailing, going on to win our last three games by landslides. One team we beat 25-3 (and of course this was the team that our coach decided to take a picture in front of the score board with. Talk about insult to injury).

Our weekend was pretty much taken up by this tournament and it all came to a climax Sunday night when we were invited to a pub for a free all-you-can-eat buffet. As you can imagine, the people there probably thought we hadn’t eaten in days in watching how fast and viciously we ate their food. To top it all off, we were voted the “tournament favorite”. No trophy was involved, but we left with our chins held high, and our belly’s sagging low.

Always being faithful in keeping you updated (when I get around to it),



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